Want to visualize the iPhone 7? This can be the simplest example nevertheless

All iPhone 7 rumours appear to agree that Apple’s next smartphone isn’t about to look all that different. That’s how we’ve ended up with these… A Dutch designer has whipped up some seriously compelling renders… Continue reading

iPhone 7 might ditch Space Gray color for Deep Blue

  An Extremely questionable rumor from East Asia on Thursday claims Apple will replace the venerable Space Gray colorway with a new “Deep Blue” shade when it launches the next-generation iPhone this fall.… Continue reading

Apple iOS 10: Your iPhone might see some major changes next week – here’s what to expect

There’s another mega week ahead for lovers of all things Apple. The US tech giant’s yearly Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Will open its doors on Monday, June 13th and expect some major news… Continue reading

Apple Announces Changes for App Store

  Apple proclaimed a revamped App Store on which will permit developers to advertise as customers look for new apps. Developers also will receive a much bigger cut of the revenue from subscription apps, and Apple has same it’s already sped up its method to approve apps before they’re placed on sale. However, developers and… Continue reading

Apple Patents Waterproof Speakers, Vibration-Sensing Earbuds

Two patents granted to Apple on reveal that the iPhone maker experimented with waterproof speakers and microphone-enabled headsets that acknowledge a user’s voice mistreatment bone vibrations, in step with Apple corporate executive. The first patent, filed in 2013, is a collection of earbuds… Continue reading

Apple takes another necessary step toward building a water-resistant iPhone

Apple’s iPhone 7 are one in every of the most popular smartphones to hit stores this year, and many of rumours have elaborated its style and a few of the foremost necessary new options we’re expecting. however as has been the case with each previous iPhone model, Apple can in all probability notice further ways that to tweak the… Continue reading

Apple won’t be allowed to sell refurbished mobiles in India

  Apple recently made a commitment to have a presence in India for the “upcoming year” but the first months is not going well- apple would not be able to open retails store… Continue reading

Apple iPhone 7 leak claims major change

  The iPhone 7 is already Apple’s most debatable iPhone to date.  Apple is aiming to make the iPhone 7 thinner, perhaps through the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and the implementation of a thinner… Continue reading

Apple leak confirms ‘all glass’ new iPhone

Last month the world’s most accurate Apple tipster revealed the company is working on a radical ‘all glass’ new iPhone. The news was met with cynicism and excitement in equal measure, and now a major Apple supplier… Continue reading

Apple is developing a ‘Siri Speaker’ to revel Amazon Echo and Google Home

Apple is working on a project “Siri speaker”. Siri speaker is a device which will help improve Apple’s virtual assistant by incorporating other apps and services that can be activated with voice commands.… Continue reading