Apple might release an iPhone 7 Pro with a dual-camera system

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Wire-free AirPods launching with iPhone 7?

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iPhone 7 Apple A10 Processor seems in Benchmarks

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Battery in Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’ is going to be 14% larger than iPhone 6s

A new rumor claims that though the next-generation iPhone is provided to be the thinnest model ever, Apple can still manage to squeeze in a 1960mAh battery, coming in just over 14 %… Continue reading

New iPhone 7 leak offers our best look at Apple’s next smartphone

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Apple’s Next Software Update Makes the iPhone feel once more

HIGHLIGHTS Apple’s iOS 10 Public Beta currently Available. You will get started with the new messaging, music and maps options by using a new software package (iOS 10).     New mobile operating… Continue reading

Apple could finally admit that a 16 GB iPhone doesn’t Provide Enough Storage

HIGHLIGHTS Apple is moving the base iPhone model to 32GB version. Apple’s 16GB iPhone May Finally Die   With the launch of the iPhone 6S, I argued the 16GB model was currently unusable due to its… Continue reading

Apple iPhone 7 expected to arrive with 32GB base storage

HIGHLIGHTS Apple is moving the base iPhone model to 32GB version. Apple ups the RAM modules in upcoming iPhone. The Apple iPhone 7 can feature a 32GB base model that additionally makes us wonder whether it… Continue reading

‘Space Black’ would be an additional reason to shop for the Apple iPhone 7

  We do know about Apple’s plans to come back up with a number of a lot of color choices this year, the Space Black inspiration comes from an Apple Watch. With that out of the way, it’s time… Continue reading

Forget About iPhone 7 – iPhone 8 Might Change Everything: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

    I’m also excited regarding the iPhone 8 however, not so much when it comes to the iPhone 7. Some feel as though the iPhone 7 would not be a worthy upgrade, though.… Continue reading