Facebook Live product manager launches Alively for personal video live-streaming

HIGHLIGHTS A new app (Alively) obtainablewithin the S. App Store that creates it simple to capture & share everyday moments privately along with your friends through live or recorded video. Alivelyis simply obtainable on iOS within the S. App Store and can be… Continue reading

Apple iPhone 7: Report points to an Apple Next-Gen iPhone 7 with 3GB RAM; could be hinting at 7 Pro model

HIGHLIGHTS Apple ‘iPhone 7’ 2016 releasing a new iPhone next month, most likely on September 16 Apple sold one billion iPhones, kind of nine years when the product to start out with launched in… Continue reading

Image shows possible Apple iPhone 7 Earphone operating via Lightning port

HIGHLIGHTS Apple ‘iPhone 7’ 2016 release: week of Sep 16th. Apple’s iPhone 7 earphones might appear as if. It has already been created quite clear that the iPhone 7 is ready to return… Continue reading

Apple to bring out iPhone 6SE in September

HIGHLIGHTS Apple sold one billion iPhones, kind of nine years after the product to start with launched in 2007 Apple ‘iPhone 7’ 2016 release: week of Sep 16th iPhone 6SE might be the… Continue reading

Apple has sold 1 billion iPhones however, what’s next?

HIGHLIGHTS Apple celebrates one billion iPhones Apples Has Sold a Billion iPhones It took the company all of nine years to reach a significant stage New model(s) smartphone jacks may be throw out,… Continue reading

Apple brings about iPhone 7 $100 low in price?

HIGHLIGHTS Evan Blass tweeted ‘iPhone 2016 release: week of September 16th 16GB model might go, however new 256GB version are going to be offered The headphone jack may be throw out, required users need… Continue reading

Not be able to remember the iPhone 7: Apple’s new phone may be known as iPhone 6 SE

HIGHLIGHTS Evan Blass has tweeted ‘iPhone 2016 release: week of Sep 16th 16GB model may go, however new 256GB version will be available The headphone jack could also be throw out, needed users… Continue reading

Apple can be coming up an iPhone 7 releases in early September

HIGHLIGHTS Apple iPhone 7 international launch on September 16 According to survey, 9.3% can upgrade to iPhone 7. Battery in apple’s iPhone 7 is going to be 14% larger than iPhone 6s It is… Continue reading

Poll Says Just 9% will upgrade to iPhone 7

HIGHLIGHTS According to survey, 9.3% can upgrade to iPhone 7. Why You may Want to Skip iPhone 7 and Wait for 8 The iPhone 7 can be one in all the most anticipated… Continue reading

Apple’s Safari browser might before long be even as fast as Google Chrome

HIGHLIGHTS Apple’s Safari browser might soon be simple as fast as Google Chrome. Apple’s Safari browser includes with iOS 10 and macOS. Apple’s Safari browser enclosed with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra is testing WebP,… Continue reading