Apple might add Snapchat-like app for video editing and more to create iOS more social


  • Apple needs to create iOS devices more social.
  • Apple is working on Snapchat-like app.
  • Appleis developing a video editing app that allows users to simply shoot footage, apply filters to the recordings, and then uploads those clips to social media.
  • Apple ‘iPhone 7’ 2016 releasing a brand new iPhone next month, possibly on September 16.

image courtesy:macworld

Apple is working on a video recording/editing app which will be similar in functionality to Snapchat, though there’s no mention of disappearing or self-destructing content within the report. Instead, the app is supposed to be simple to use with one hand for video recording, and users are ready to swipe between various filters or add drawings.

The main goal is that users are ready to produce and edit videos within a minute. People would use the app, which is being built by the same folks who built iMovie and Final Cut Pro, to create the content to share with other social networks. Apple is not clear-cut on once this app can launch, or whether or not it will live as part of iOS or as its own standalone app.

We ought to wait, likely much longer than we’ll be waiting to check the next iPhone, to find out the reality.

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