Facebook Live product manager launches Alively for personal video live-streaming


  • A new app (Alively) obtainablewithin the S. App Store that creates it simple to capture & share everyday moments privately along with your friends through live or recorded video.
  • Alivelyis simply obtainable on iOS within the S. App Store and can be coming to more markets shortly.
  • Alively is Store all of your videos within the cloud while notusing up device memory. Watch and share your videos at any time on your profile.

Life is created from moments. Moments that’s value sharing. From the profound to the everyday, we have a tendency to believe all moments are special because of who we share them with. Sharing those moments is what connects us and makes us feel alive.

Alively makes it simple & fun to capture & share those moments privately with your friends through live or recorded video. Share live video by selecting or choosing a friend or group of friends who you want to share with or just start recording and add friends to share with as you’re recording or once you’re done.


image courtesy: Alively

You can send video along with your friends who aren’t on Alively yet through SMS, which can send them a text with the video caption and link wherever they will watch the video on a mobile page.

You shared with will watch live and comment to participate in this moment with you as its happening or they will catch the video later. and you not have to be need to worry regarding freeing up space on your phone to record video because we upload the video and store it securely within the cloud while not taking up any space on your phone.

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