Not be able to remember the iPhone 7: Apple’s new phone may be known as iPhone 6 SE


  • Evan Blass has tweeted ‘iPhone 2016 release: week of Sep 16th
  • 16GB model may go, however new 256GB version will be available
  • The headphone jack could also be throw out, needed users have to bought an adapter to listen to music
  • Apple’s 2016 iPhone are gave an unofficial name the ‘iPhone 6SE’
  • iPhone 6SE may be the name of Apple’s next  iPhone


Without an improved the outer structural framework, this year’s iPhone upgrade will not earn the “iPhone 7”, a brand new rumor claims, suggesting that the most recent model can instead be called as the “iPhone 6 SE.”  If the rumor will prove true, the name would be a merging of Apple’s current flagship device and its entry-level phone, the iPhone SE.

If the most recent rumours are anything to go by, the next iPhone are known as iPhone 6 SE, suggesting that the larger model(s) will be iPhone 6 SE Plus and iPhone 6 SE Pro. The latter model continues to be up for debate, however, yet one more leak suggests the double camera and smart connector-equipped “Pro” model continues to be in Apple’s plans.

The information comes through’s Chinese manufacturer sources who claim to have received Produced accessory packaging. Apple has already produced packages with the “iPhone 6 SE” name. However, while not photos showing the packaging.

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