Apple’s Safari browser might before long be even as fast as Google Chrome


  • Apple’s Safari browser might soon be simple as fast as Google Chrome.
  • Apple’s Safari browser includes with iOS 10 and macOS.

Apple’s Safari browser enclosed with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra is testing WebP, Google’s own technology for obtaining webpages to load quickly.

WebP was design into Chrome back at build 32 (2013!), therefore it’s not unproven. It’s also used by Facebook due to its image compression underpinnings, and is in use across many Google properties, as well as YouTube.


image courtesy: Safari

According to CNET, the lone holdout for WebP is Microsoft, which never enclosed in Internet Explorer and has ‘no plans’ to work it into Edge.

Both iOS 10 and macOS Sierra is in beta, therefore WebP might not make it into the final version at all.

But it’s hard to imagine Apple turning away tried and true technology that’s found a lot of  popular browser — one that’s favored by many over Safari due to its speed, wherever WebP plays a huge part. Safari is now the second most popular browser to Chrome.

WebP is currently supported on Safari 10 both on macOS sierra and iOS 10 on Google teams.

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