Wire-free AirPods launching with iPhone 7?

wireless-apple-earpodsOne of the largest rumors to hit the mobile technology world is that the exclusion of the earphone jack on the iPhone 7; another rumor was additionally creating the round, Apple’s development of their own wire-free AirPods. Wire-free earbuds aren’t anything new, there have been companies developing these for a bit currently. 9To5Mac has reported on an Apple filing for a trademark on the wire-free AirPods name and it looks like that trademark is happening.

It makes sense that Apple would wish to capitalize on its major acquisition of Beats Audio. Removing the earphone jack and bundling in Apple-Beats branded wire-free AirPods can begin to allow beats a higher position within the market. Whereas Beats already has its place in the market, Apple may expand the name recognition with bundled Apple-Beats wire-free AirPods that may translate to more Beats headphone sales.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Apple is developing a line of wire-free AirPods every with their own sound signature and price tags. This move may additionally   steer customers to Beats Bluetooth over ears headphones ought to they require larger headphones. However, it is hard to get that rumor out of your head when paired with the earphone jack removal. What do you think of wire-free AirPods?

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