Apple could finally admit that a 16 GB iPhone doesn’t Provide Enough Storage


  • Apple is moving the base iPhone model to 32GB version.
  • Apple’s 16GB iPhone May Finally Die


With the launch of the iPhone 6S, I argued the 16GB model was currently unusable due to its increased camera and video resolutions and it forced millions of customers to pay $100 more for the 64GB version model.

Well here’s a breakdown:

  • iOS consumes 3GB leaving simply 13GB before you begin
  • iOS needs circa 1GB kept free so it will update
  • Individual iOS games will use up to 4GB of space
  • An iTunes HD movies download is 3-4GB
  • 4K video consumes 375MB per minute (1080p video consumes 200MB per minute)
  • 12MP photos are 3-4MB, Live Photos double that to 7-8MB

So whichever way you break this down for your own particular usage pattern, a 16GB iPhone leaves things incredibly tight – particularly with the common ownership period now over 2years.

You’ll be able to take countermeasures. You may dial down the photo and video resolutions, however, that negates key photo and video upgrades. You may also spend more on iCloud storage, however; the amount of data you finish up sending of cellular will simply get out of hand without vigilance.

32GB Changes Everything

But that all changes with a 32GB base model iPhone 7.

For example, you’ll have 28GB of free space to start with (29GB minus 1GB of space for iOS upgrades) and 6GB for apps going 22GB for video of photos – that ought to prove ample for many thought consumers.

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