Apple iPhone 7 expected to arrive with 32GB base storage


  • Apple is moving the base iPhone model to 32GB version.
  • Apple ups the RAM modules in upcoming iPhone.
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image courtesy: Mac Rumors

The Apple iPhone 7 can feature a 32GB base model that additionally makes us wonder whether it will bump up the models at the other end of the range to a 256GB model. And it is actually excellent news, as a result of paying a premium price for a flagship smartphone and getting just 16GB of internal storage simply seems a bit unjust recently.

Apple moving its base iPhone model to a 32GB version is a first and it would make for an attractive package for those who until now rejected the idea of paying up for the base model due to the limited storage.

Coming to the other end of the range, Apple’s most high-end giving with the iPhone line-up is the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB model. It retails at a shocking price tag in each market and since Apple has upped things at the bottom end, there is a possibility that it may add a 256GB variant of the iPhone 7 “Pro” or the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple ups the RAM modules as well and we have 3GB RAM on the iPhone 7 Plus or Pro models showing up this year. As the same is expected to double in the iPhone 8 anyways. This would make the iPhone 7 a worthy, future-proof option for upgrades instead of waiting for the iPhone 8.

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