Apple Patents Technology to Dam iPhone Cameras in Sensitive Locations. That would Be Dangerous



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Smartphone cameras became a very important tool for documenting sudden events, emergency condition or situations, whether or not they are capturing or an incident of police brutality. However, a patent filed by Apple and approved Tuesday describes technology that might permit the company to control iPhone owners’ ability to use their cameras.

How to possible?

A transmitter will be located in areas wherever capturing pictures and videos (Footage) is prohibited (e.g., a concert or a classified facility) and also the transmitters will generate infrared signals with encoded information that has included commands temporarily disabling recording functions.

The technology would work by scanning photos and videos for the presence of particular infrared signals. If somebody needed to dam iPhones from taking photos in an exceedingly specific location, they might set up an infrared beam that iPhones might detect through image processing. Photos/video without the infrared signature would be stored in the phone’s memory like normal. However, when the processor detected infrared signals, the phone would show a notification on display that recording had been disabled.

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