iPhone 7: Five Reasons Apple Inc. Is true to Kill the earphone Jack for Good?

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Apple can update its iPhone range in September, because it will per annum, with the most important modification now set to be the removal of the earphone jack. The move, still unofficial, is three months away and yet it has already triggered indignant user rage among users like only a minor tweak to an Apple product will.

The issue is, Apple is true and therefore the rage-filled users are all wrong.

The new phone is probably going to be slightly thinner with an upgraded processor, a slightly better camera and a minor plan of an outside. However, the large modification most are  predicting — and certain to be the most important topic of debate if it involves passing — is that the removal of the earphone jack

Here are five reasons I believe Apple ought to keep out the haters and exterminate the earphone jack for good:

  • It’s not about a thinner iPhone.
  • There can still be wired headphones.
  • Bluetooth headphones are really good or specialised.
  • It’s not simply Apple.
  • It’s a matter of temporal order.

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