This year’s ‘iPhone 7’ can lack major style changes as Apple awaits improved technology

   Apple reportedly postpones major iPhone changes



That aligns with recent reports, suggesting Apple contains a major design within the works for 2017 that includes a curved all-glass chassis that may be a significant departure from the Present type issue. It’s in addition been claimed that Apple has a plan to somehow integrate the Touch ID fingerprint detector, FaceTime camera and call speaker into the display show itself for next year’s model.

This year’s iPhone, however, is wide expected to appear mostly similar because the current iPhone 6s series and its predecessor, the iPhone 6. Sources told that the elimination of the 3.5-millimeter earphone jack can enable the handset to be a millimeter thinner than the present model, and can additionally improve water resistance.

Apple’s supposed “iPhone 7” is anticipated to be introduced this September, and leaked parts and details show a device with an almost identical type issue  to the iPhone 6s. While not an entire design, it’s potential that Apple will not provide the phone the “iPhone 7”.