Apple iPhone 7 with twin SIMs?


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Just once you thought leaks and rumors could have peaked with regards to the coming iPhone, here come back the claims that Apple is exploitation twin SIMs within the iPhone 7 and can keep the earphone jack.

The rumors that Apple would be ditching the earphone jack crept up several months ago. Apple has ditched well likable hardware inside the past just like the optical drive on their laptops.

The additional intriguing a part of this latest rumor is that the inclusion of twin SIMs within the iPhone 7. This can be a brand new rumor and sources are posting pictures of what they saying are iPhone components with twin SIMs.

Of course, this can be simply a rumor as everything else has been however it might be a decent plan for Apple to include. As well as twin SIMs into the phone is definitely about to create things easier for overseas users. In fact, we’ll have to wait until September to really find out if the earphone jack lives and if twin SIMs is a thing.

What does one think about this latest iPhone 7 rumor? Allow us to know your thoughts and comments below.

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