Apple iOS 10 has 3 Nasty unexpected

This week Apple declared iOS 10. It’s plenty of upgrades on iOS nine we have a tendency to as a good secret feature we had suspected for a few time. However, there are also some nasty surprises…

  1. Missing Dark Mode

As with Android, for years, a dark mode has been high on the list of iOS requests – and once more time Apple didn’t deliver it.

  1. Half Hearted Widgets

One of the larger changes created in iOS 10 is Apple’s decision to add feature device support to its lock screen and even some app icons for 3D Touch enabled devices. However, what Apple didn’t do was put add them to the foremost obvious place – the home screen. 



Notifications in iOS 10 have improved, however, widgets are still lacking. Image courtesy: Apple

  1. Basic Keyboard Omissions

Apple creates some solid progress with the stock iOS keyboard in iOS 10. The first goal was to create it higher at anticipating the words you would like by analysing however you type, one thing that sees Apple try and catch up to 3rd party iOS keyboards from Google and Swift key.

But Apple keyboard still misses out on much more basic functionality: swipe typewriting and a one-handed mode. Each is in rival keyboards for years and therefore, the latter feature on its own is usually a deal breaker for iPhone Plus owners.

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