Top 5 Best New options of iOS 10

Apple declared quite a few things along with the new Mac OS that has Siri and Apple Pay; brand new watchOS offers that are faster and easier to use; and an updated tvOS. However, the most important announcement as a result of it will have an effect on the bulk (that is, iPhone and iPad users) is that iOS10 is in its approach. I’ve picked out what I believe are the 5 best new options you’ll notice on your iPhone or iPad once it launches.

1. Lock screen

iOS10, as shortly as you select up your iPhone the lock screen is shown. You’ll be able to then merely swipe right across the screen to access the camera even faster. This implies you manage to want those “in the moment” shots you’d have previously lost. You may be ready to addition swipe left to access the widgets screen. This contains feature for things like weather, reminders, and your calendar.

2. Notifications

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In iOS versions previous to iOS10, notifications were all too easy to miss and forever that useful as they only enclosed limited information notifications have currently been redesigned and are far more intuitive. You’ll be able to simply easily see what App the notification came from and once. You’ll be able in addition swipe all the means right down to open a mini version of the App whereas not effort this screen. 

3. Messages



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Messages have had an entire overhaul. Rather than it being thus text-based, they’ve gone all Snap chat on us! You will be able to presently do a lot of with emoji’s, stickers, handwriting, and animations, what is more as well as options like invisible messages that seem once swiped.

4. Maps

The Maps App is finally turning into a competitor against Google Maps and seems a lot of an equivalent because it than it ever has before. It currently permits you to makeover freely around, shows live traffic information, and highlights specific places on excellent example of this will be finding an area on the map then calling an Uber directly while not  ever having to depart the Map App.

5. Phone calls

Some people do still use their iPhones to create phone calls! iOS 10 includes voicemail transcriptions that will be useful if you’re in a noisy space. Exploitation this feature you will be able to the browser a voicemail short of a text message rather than troubled to listen to it. One in every of the largest options although, is that VIP calls can be integrated into the lock screen. This means that you’re Whatsapp and Skype calls will show on the lock screen like a traditional call and should be answered from there too. 

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