Apple patents show future iPhone may have a wraparound display, augmented reality

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A future iPhone may have a curved wrap-around screen, in line with a patent awarded to Apple on Tuesday, whereas a separate patent highlighted the technology giant’s interest in augmented reality (AR).

In one filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Apple outlines an electronic device with “wrap around display”. It says the typical rectangular type factor leaves “the sides and rear surfaces of the device unused or at the best configured with buttons and switches with fixed location and functionality”.

Apple said that a flexible display can be folded in such a way “to type a nonstop loop such that pictures (still or video) are conferred in a very  wrap-around manner within which the images appear to be presented in a very continuous loop


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Apple’s illustration of the wraparound screen within the patent filing

Part of the principle is to extend screen real estate and Apple said its design may let there be five icons across the screen per row, instead of four on its current iPhone 6s models.

The volume control wouldn’t be a physical button. Instead, it might be a feature on the screen that may expand once a user holds their finger on it. And “a multi-touch gesture along one of the sides could instead act as a method of locking and unlocking” the device rather than a button.

Apple’s patent aforementioned the show can be a product of plastic or glass. It outlined how a bendable display can be inserted into the glass enclosure to present pictures on the glass. So the device would have two screens.