10 Ways in which Texting on Your iPhone is About to Change Forever

Bigger emojis, “invisible ink” and more

When Apple’s next iPhone update launches this fall, iMessage can become quite simply a method of causing straightforward messages and emojis. The company is building a handful of new capabilities into its messaging software that allows iPhone and iPad owners to communicate in different ways.

Here’s a glance in the slightest degree the new features coming to iMessage in iOS 10.

With iOS 10, Apple is property third-party developer’s plug into iMessage. This suggests you’ll be able to do things like order food, get movie tickets, or send money to a friend without leaving the Messages app.

  • Write and Draw With Your Finger


    image courtesy:www.time.com


Apple’s update will bring the ability to hand-write a note in a messaging thread or draw a sketch using the same Digital Touch feature found on the Apple Watch. You’ll even be able to scribble text over pictures and videos.

  •  Tap to Replace Words with Emoji


iOS 10 can eliminate the need to scroll or search through your keyboard’s emoji library. The new iMessage can create it in order that you will be able to tap a word to replace it with the corresponding emoji.

  • Hide Sensitive Texts and Photos


iMessage users are going to be able to send messages that are scrambled until the recipient touches them through a new feature Apple calls Invisible Ink. The capability works with text or pictures, and the user can unscramble the content by swiping his or her finger across the message.

  • Respond to a Message without Typing


For those times when you simply want to quickly ensure that you’ve seen a message or provides a fast yes or no answer, Apple has added Tap back. This feature lets you tap a message and send an icon like a heart, a thumb up or thumbs down, or a question mark among other symbols.

  •  Add Effects to Message Bubbles


Apple wants iMessage users to customise quite simply the text and emojis they send every day. With the new iMessage, Apple device owners are going to be able to add effects to individual chat bubbles.

  • Launch the Camera inside Messages


If you want to snap a photograph and send it via iMessage, you’ll shortly be able to do thus from within the Messages app. Tapping the camera icon in Messages can launch the camera viewfinder, thus you’ll be able to take a photograph and send it quickly. The camera roll in Messages is also getting a redesign that makes it look a lot of just like the iPhone’s Photos app.

  • Change the Background to a Special Effect


If you’re bored with the plain white backdrop behind your messaging thread, Apple plans to vary this in iOS 10. Users can have the choice to feature tricks to the background once sure messages are sent.

  • Play and Share Songs from Apple Music


In the new Messages app, you’ll be able to share a selected song with a friend through iMessage and listen to it without leaving the messaging thread.

  • Send Better Looking Links


Apple is dynamic the approach links look once sent via iMessage. The title of the website and design from it’ll currently seem in electronic messaging threads, creating it easier to ascertain what’s being shared. Video clips will play automatically when once being shared in iMessage.

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