8 Coolest iPhone Features Apple Just Announced

A slew of updates are coming back with iOS 10, the company announced Monday throughout its Worldwide Developers Conference.

The new mobile OS is going to be out there as a transfer this fall, and also the updates it’ll bring vary from the entirely inconsequential…

Apple typically makes huge announcements at the conference, that on the face of it exists to familiarize developers with new products before they release to the public. For example, it revealed Apple Music ultimately year’s event.

But this year’s WWDC was largely regarding change existing products. A lot of the iOS updates are pretty substantial, though, and there’s a decent probability they’ll impact however you utilize your existing iPhone or iPad.

Let’s go through some of the best ones.

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1) Trash Those Awful Default Apps

If you would like to delete the apps that return pre-loaded onto your iPhone, you can, consistent with Twitter user Shorty. Others noticed that first-party apps have appeared within the iOS App Store, supply speculation that you’ll be able to take away the default apps and replace them later if you would like.

2) Exciting New Ways to Send Messages

Apple showcased several new updates to its “Messages” texting app which will modification however you’re able to communicate with friends. If you would like, iPhone is going to be able to highlight “emojifiable” words and transform them into the pictograms with a tap.

And after you send links or videos, the media can become more detailed right in the Messages screen.

3) Improved Notifications

If you have got a 3D Touch-enabled device, you’ll be able to dump all of your notifications promptly with an easy “deep press” command. Currently, you can only clear notification day by day, which makes emptying your slate a time-intensive process.

4) A New Way to Check Your Screen

You’ll now not have to be compelled to press a button to wake your iPhone up. Simply choose it up in your hand and also the device’s screen can return to life.
That might appear inconsequential, however, the fingerprint sensors on Apple’s smartphones have become lightning quick — specified sound the “home” button typically bypasses the lock screen and vital notifications in a second.

Now, you can pick your phone up, scope out any new information and then enter the device with your fingerprint.

5) Siri Plays Nice

Apple is opening its digital assistant up to developers, which means they’ll integrate their apps along with your iPhone’s voice command system.

6) New Photo Features

Your iPhone’s built-in “Photos” app can become smarter in iOS 10. It’ll acknowledge faces that you simply photograph all the time and cluster them along, very like Google Photos.
Apple introduces Google Photos-like face recognition to iOS 10, says it’ll happen domestically on your device. Photos will also be able to automatically create musical montages exploitation your photos and video

7) Transcribed Voicemails

Let’s be real: Voicemails are a fairly inefficient way to deliver information. In iOS 10, Apple can debut a transcription service that automatically varieties out your voicemails, assuming it will understand them. The feature may cure you of Google Voice.

8) Apple News Sections

If you’re a devoted user of Apple News, the company’s proprietary article-harvesting service, an updated version of the app for iOS 10 can learn what kind of article you prefer and populate “sections” consequently. You’ll also be able to subscribe to outlets you enjoy.

Apple News can currently add sections consistent with what you prefer to browse. It will also let you subscribe to publications.

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