Want to visualize the iPhone 7? This can be the simplest example nevertheless


All iPhone 7 rumours appear to agree that Apple’s next smartphone isn’t about to look all that different. That’s how we’ve ended up with these…

A Dutch designer has whipped up some seriously compelling renders of what the iPhone 7 may seem like, supported on the abundance of leaks we’ve seen about the phone so far


As you’ll be able to see, iPhone 7 has a dual-lens camera. This can be really a feature supposedly reserved for the iPhone 7 Plus, and has been wide rumoured in recent months. A dual-lens camera may bring a variety of enhancements to the iPhone, including enhancing zoom, exposure, depth, and focus.

The conception iPhone renders additionally show the handset having trimmed down antenna bands. The prominent banding has been a sticking point for Apple with previous iPhones, but the next handset is expected to eschew some of the bands. There are also three dots pictured at the base of the rear of the device. That’s based on the rumour that Apple might build a Smart Connector into the iPhone 7, for the purpose of attaching live accessories.


Otherwise, the iPhone 7 seems to appear similar to the present iPhone 6S. We’re expecting little or no within the way of design changes with the next device – the big modifications are reportedly reserved for the iPhone 8.


Unfortunately, till Apple announces its next phone in September, we tend to can’t say evidently what the handset will seem like. As such, take any leaks with due caution. These renders are a good resource to examine leaks; however they’re not representative of Apple’s actual plans

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