Apple Patents Waterproof Speakers, Vibration-Sensing Earbuds

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Two patents granted to Apple on reveal that the iPhone maker experimented with waterproof speakers and microphone-enabled headsets that acknowledge a user’s voice mistreatment bone vibrations, in step with Apple corporate executive.

The first patent, filed in 2013, is a collection of earbuds with a super-sensitive measuring system which will sense once somebody is mistreatment their vocal chords by measuring the vibrations within the bones and tissue of the wearer’s head. in step with the patent authors, the bone sensing microphone’s primary objective is to enhance voice quality.

Signals from the measuring system square measure combined with acoustic signals from the mike to supply a high-quality voice copy. The accelerometers would be set within the earbuds, whereas multiple microphones would be placed on the receiver wire. The microphones square measure multi-directional to capture each the wearer’s voice and therefore the close noise, like wind, to filtrate.

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The second patent is welcome news to folks (mostly men, in step with a study) UN agency square measure at risk of dropping their iPhones in bogs. Filed in 2014, it grants Apple rights to a waterproof housing for speakers. It’s no standard waterproofing, though. the outside of the housing is coated with a hydrophobic material as a primary line of defense, however, the housing also can sight once it has been crammed with water and direct the speaker to supply a series of tones whose vibrations and pressure can expel the liquid.

Patents do not continuously be converted into merchandise, however, Apple will have an unconditional interest in waterproof speakers since increasing its mobile lineup to incorporate the Apple Watch. House owners of the first-gen model will wear their watch whereas exercise and within the rain, however, Apple says it is not designed for swimming or showering.

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