Apple won’t be allowed to sell refurbished mobiles in India



Apple recently made a commitment to have a presence in India for the “upcoming year” but the first months is not going well- apple would not be able to open retails store straight away and now India has side tracked its plan to sell used iPhone’s. The solution was imagined to be used iPhone’s — Apple would take used handsets from richer markets, fix any flaws, back them with a guaranty, and sell for a couple of hundred bucks to the Indian market.
But India’s government looks to own have taken offense to being treated as a selling ground for Apple’s last-gen technology.
The Indian government really doesn’t seem to be on his side. Apple may not be allowed to open retail stores for some months, either. India has a provision that to open a branded retail store, that store must be selling 30 present locally-made products. Apple has applied for a waiver of that rule until it can get manufacturing up and running in India, but the most recent reports hint that the Indian government won’t be forthcoming.

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